Tball, CP1 and CP2

   MWLL 2022 


T Ball, CP1, CP2 


Time limits: 

T Ball 1 hour 

CP1 1 hour 

CP2 1:30 

Preparing field before/after game coaches both teams! 

NO chalk on chicken E field. 


These are “instructional” leagues – no scores kept. 

CP1 – 4 pitches then tee 

Cp2 – 5 pitches or 3 swings 

T ball, CP1 – everyone bats each inning 

CP2 – 5 runs or 3 outs each inning 

CP2 – scoreboard used to track 5 runs each half inning, then cleared to start next inning 

CP2 – pitching distance 35’ to 40’ 

CP1 – at coaches discretion 

Local Sponsors

Mineral Wells Little League

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Mineral Wells, Texas 76067

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