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CP Softball Rules



  1. Run Rules:

    1.   Game time shall be one hour and thirty minutes

    2.   No inning will begin with less than ten (10) minutes remaining in the one hour and thirty minute time limit.

    3. Each half inning will be completed when the offensive team is put out three times or scores FIVE runs.

  2. Defensive Players:

    1. Ten (10) players will play in the field as the defensive team for softball. Six (6) players will play the infield and four (4) players will play the outfield. Outfielders will not play closer than the edge of the grass.

    2. Player playing the position of Pitcher shall have BOTH feet in the dirt portion of the pitcher’s mound (in pitching circle for softball) until the ball is hit by the batter.

  3. Batting Rules:

    1. Coaches will throw to their own teams. Coaches will stand approximately 20-30’ from home plate. Coaches can throw up to 5 pitches. If a batter swings and misses on three pitches, batter is out. On the 5th pitch, if a batter fouls the pitch off the batter remains until they put the ball in play, strikes out, or is put out by hitting ball into play.

    2. All players must bat according batting order given to scorekeeper for that game. Hit batter will not count as a walk.

    3. No bunting and no walks. 

  4. Running Rules:

    1. Play will end when the defense has stopped the runner(s) from advancing to the next base

    2.  Once the ball is controlled in the infield by the defensive team, play stops.  Control does not mean Pitcher in circle!! Just control by any player in the infield.

    3.  ONE BASE ON ALL OVERTHROWS TO A BASE!    Runners shall not advance on overthrows to coach-pitcher once play has stopped with the ball controller on the infield.

    1. No stealing.

    2. Runners cannot leave base until ball is put in play.


  1. The Pitcher: The pitcher must wear a batting helmet.

  2. Base coaches: shall be 2 adult coaches, as long as there is an adult in the dugout.

  3. Catcher: Must wear full catchers gear, including a cup.

  4. Miscellaneous:

    Official score will not be kept.  Scoreboard will be used only to track runs per inning for the five run rule and will be reset back to zero after each half inning.

    Coaches will be allowed in foul territory (behind first and third base) when their team is out on the field.

    Line up cards will be exchanged between coaches

    If a player is batting out of order play will be stopped and the necessary correction will be made and play will resume.

Both teams prepare the field (set out bases, drag and chalk field etc.) and both either get field ready for the next game, or if last ones playing on the field, put bases up and drag the infield and home plate area and turn off any lights and lock the storage doors.

Please contact the commissioner for any questions or for any make up games.


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