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Minor Baseball Rules



Unless otherwise stated below, all rules in the Little League International Official Little League Baseball Rulebook will be followed!


  1. All games must start on time. Time limit is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  2. No inning may start with less than 10 minutes left in time limit.

  3. Infield warm up is not mandatory. Take it only if you want to, and if time allows.

  4. Both teams prepare the field (set out bases, drag and chalk field etc.) and both either get field ready for the next game, or if last ones playing on the field, put bases up and drag the infield and home plate area, turn off any lights and lock the storage doors.

  5. There is a five run rule in every inning.

  6. Must field nine players to start a game and to end a game.

  7. All catchers must wear a cup.

  8. All players and equipment must remain in the dugout. No one should leave without permission. No eating in the dugout.

  9. The ball must cross over home plate before the runner can leave the base.

  10.  Pitching rules must be followed (please refer to rule book).

  11.   Batting order must be continuous – all players present for the game will bat

  12.   NO PLAYER SHALL SIT OUT DEFENSIVELY MORE THAT ONE CONSECUTIVE INNING.  Thus, teams will have free defensive substitution, except for the Pitcher position.  As noted in 10. Above, we will follow the rule book on all pitching rules, including once a player is removed from the pitching position, he cannot return to that position.

  13.  Uniforms must be properly worn, shirts tucked in, caps forward, pants pulled up, and no jewelry.

  14.  Bunting foul on the third strike is an out.

  15.  Infield fly rule is in effect (refer to rule book).

  16.  Spectators, managers, or players of a team shall not yell “strike or “swing, or make other remarks toward the opposing team. Stomping feet or cadence clapping, or clapping for the obvious intent of distracting players will not be permitted.

  17.  Misconduct by participants, managers, coaches or fans will not be tolerated.

  18.  All managers and coaches are responsible for making sure the dugouts are free of all trash.

  19.   Coaches will not be allowed to warm up pitcher between innings.


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