TBall and CP1

T-BALL and CP1  

    Both teams will prepare the field. Place breakaway bases in place. Foul lines will be painted by board members. Time limit is 1 hour.


  1. CP1 specific: if batter swings see 4 pitches with hitting the ball, place the ball on the tee to allow them to hit. 
  2. All players bat per inning. 
  3. Only one base is allowed on an overthrown ball. 
  4. Anyone out will return to the dugout. Any bat thrown outside “dirt” circle will be called out.
  5. The batted ball must pass “dirt circle” to be put in play.


  1. All players will be allowed on the field.
  2. There will be 5 infielders; pitcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and shortstop.
  3. There will be a catcher.
  4. A coach will be positioned behind home plate to aid the catcher.
  5. The catcher will take the throw at the point of “the last batter”.
  6. The pitcher must stay on the “rubber” until the ball is hit.
  7. Play will stop when the ball is in the infield and the defensive team has control of the ball.
  8. Two (2) coaches will be allowed on the field during play.
  9. One Base on overthrows.


  1. Ten minutes or more must be left to start a new inning.
  2. Both teams must and will pick up trash.
  3. Last teams playing picks up bases and place them in the storage shed, and rake all dirt areas.
  4. Please lock storage facility when all work is completed.
  5. Both teams will shake hands after the game is completed.

In the event of a rainout, the T-ball commissioner will call the head coach of each team and inform them
that the game is going to be canceled. 
Games can be made up if there is an available date on the schedule

Please contact the commissioner for any questions or for any makeup games.
Baseball Commissioner:   Duke Samples: 940-445-1670

Local Sponsors

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